Rob’s Gob Blog

Rob’s Gob Blog is a catalogue of some of the finest food and drink that I have been privileged enough to put in my gob.

Dublin doughnuts, who knew the Irish were so fond of a hipster dough ball. Pistachios and caramel, also one of the few entries in the Gob Blog where the food is not actually in my gob.

Can’t remember what this was, but I seem to be enjoying it.

Portuguese Custard tart. Pastel de nata. THE finest custard tart south of Haseldines bakery in Stony Stratford. My only regret is that I didn’t eat more.

Live fish. I think my face says it all here.  Sea Squirt, Abalone, Squid…. tired it once, once is enough.

This is a Ramen in Japan. Rosie and I had this after accidentally wondering into the Tokyo red light district. Nice chef, I hope he washed his hands.

Can’t remember. Probably sangria, probably Lisbon.

This is me butchering a chicken in Busan, S.Korea. Nobody in that city spoke a word of English, but incompetence with chopsticks transcends all language barriers. The waitress took pity and gave me the scissors.

Soup, in Portugal on the way to Sintra. Needed some veg after all the custard tarts.

Shoveling noodle soup somewhere in Asia.

Whiskey bar in Dublin. Rosie humored me pretending to know what I was doing with the ‘tasting’ (drinking).

Gelato the Roman way, with my future wife (I had an inkling even back then).